Searching for a Russian bride

No matter what brought you to this decision, that is, to find a Russian bride, it is important to learn about the waters you are going to enter. You better develop your own strategy in advance. It goes without saying that, in order to find the ideal partner for yourself, you yourself should be a perfect match for her. I am going to attempt to give you a piece of a good advice regarding how it is the best to proceed when looking for a Russian bride. It is based on practical experiences of quite many successful couples, but don’t jump into conclusions, first see whether it fits your own profile and agenda.

First and foremost, forget all the rumors that dating agencies are keen on spreading concerning a marriage with a Russian lady. I have to tell you right away – you will not find a woman 35 years younger than you in Russia for a long-lasting relationship and marriage. Such marriages end up in shambles usually within the first two years, which is enough time to obtain the Green Card, if you know what I mean. However, most Russian ladies are not so desperate to find a husband, they are looking primarily for love, affection and equal-footing relationship. Yes, you have read it right! They are in quest of a partner who will see them as their equal, i.e. a compatible partner.

As a rule, ladies from Russia are in search of financially secure, attractive and healthy guys. Not a single one is dreaming about marrying a homeless ugly male who just happens to possess the American passport. The days when it was possible are gone forever!

Perestroika was started in Russia 27 years ago, and capitalism settled in Russia together with this reconstruction process. Twenty years ago it was easy for a 70 years old American to find a beautiful Russian girl for marriage, but it is not true nowadays. So, if your are a very seasoned person who is 60-70 years old, my advice would be to look for a Russian lady who is in her fifties or even forties. It is still possible! I suggest you find a decent dating site that offers you such an opportunity. You may agree with this fact or even resist it, but I can promise you one thing – your foreign passport will no longer be enough to conquer the heart of a Russian beauty.

Russian brides – two most important factors

Love and security are the two factors that zoom in when it comes to meeting a Russian lady for a long-term relationship and marriage, so it better becomes your mantra. With love, of course, comes understanding….

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