Sean Gilligan Launches Book Campaign for “Raising Hell”

Written in context where the world in which people live in today is beset with crime and violence, Sean Gilligan’s “Raising Hell: A Drop into Hades” (published by iUniverse) is a unique story dealing with domestic crime and the hell of modern day combat and terrorism.

Force X is a joint United States-Canada Army unit for the first time in history, recruits its cadre of men primarily from the prison system. Colonel Mann, an American Army officer is the first appointed commander of Force X, a top secret Black Ops originally under the U.S. Pentagon’s direction.

Force X, after initial selection and training in America, is flown to the Middle East to combat the Islamic insurgency in Iraq. The story drops one into the hell of a bloody no-holds bared conflict where the men of Force X emerge victorious or hors-de-combat. As the legion of convicts is plunged into this Hell, one Jack McGee seeks to avoid the Grim Reaper as he seeks to return to his lover back home.

In writing the book, Gilligan picked one of the most influential events affecting Canada and the Western allies in recent times- the scourge of worldwide terrorism, as well as other unresolved issues such as overcrowded, inefficient penal system, and a growing crime problem. “So I thought why not use problem to combat the other, hence using incarcerated prisoners to fight in this unconventional war against terrorists,” Gilligan says.

“Raising Hell”

By Sean Gilligan

Softcover | 5 x 8in | 390 pages | ISBN 9781532003875

E-Book | 390 pages | ISBN 9781532003882

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Born in Kingston, Ontario, Sean Gilligan grew up on a farm near Ottawa, the capital of Canada. He served 12 years in the Canadian Army, becoming a paratrooper in the 1980s. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Carleton University, Ottawa in 1998. He has been employed in federal and provincial laboratories in a variety of environmental, industrial hygiene and other analyses. Since moving to Alberta, he has been employed mainly in the oil & gas industry in a variety of roles. He presently live in Edmonton, Alberta, he belongs to ex-military associations, skydiving and gun clubs. Presently, he is writing a second book, a sequel to “Raising Hell: A…

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