Seal Software and State of Flux Team up to Tackle GDPR

Seal Software and State of Flux, the global procurement and supply chain management consultancy, today announced an official partnership, established to help mutual clients extract value from their supplier contracts.

The combined strength of Seal’s contract analytics solution and State of Flux’s consulting services provides an end-to-end technology solution to support clients’ dealing with GDPR regulations. The service will make it easier to quickly identify suppliers with access to personal data and analyse relevant clauses within supplier contracts. In addition to assisting with compliance, for minimal extra effort and cost, the scope can be increased to look for hidden value in supplier contracts.

State of Flux and Seal have a track record of working together on large contract management projects and this is formal recognition of the ongoing partnership. State of Flux’s consulting, training and technology services deliver enhanced supply chain capabilities, drive best practice and deliver real business value to large multi-national organisations. Seal’s Artificial Intelligence and machine learning platform enables enterprise clients to find, centralise and analyse unstructured data such as that contained within supplier contracts to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and discover hidden revenue opportunities and cost savings.

The combination of Seal’s contract discovery and analytics software and State of Flux’s consultancy services provide a solution that is a faster, more accurate and more effective means of meeting regulatory and contract management challenges. The off-the-shelf managed services shorten the time to results and remediation, which is of value in the case of regulatory compliance and legislative change.

In a climate of numerous regulatory challenges, State of Flux was looking for a contract analytics partner to help support their clients’ review processes for compliance with the GDPR, serving multinational clients across global regions. Seal was selected because of its leading AI platform which offers the widest capability and scalability in the industry.

“We are always looking to help our clients get more value from their supplier network. Working with Seal incorporates leading edge technology with our expertise in supplier management,” commented Nick Hyner,…

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