Seahawks mailbag: Can Seattle return to a power running game with Eddie Lacy aboard?

Questions about Eddie Lacy and the battle for running back spots in the latest Seahawks mailbag.

Time for another set of Seahawks questions and answers via Twitter.

Q: @Discipleof117 asks: Will Seattle return to power running with Eddie Lacy or continue its balanced approach?

A: Actually, maybe — and ideally — both. What I think the Seahawks would like to do is return to being able to run more consistently — power and otherwise — and in the process become more of what they considered to be as balanced.

Seattle’s biggest issue offensively last season was that it became as unbalanced as it had been in a while, throwing 567 passes while running just 403 times, which is simply not what the Seahawks do when they are at their best.

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That was the most passes the Seahawks had thrown in the Pete Carroll era and the fewest rushing attempts since 2010, his first year as coach.

Showing the way the game has changed, the fact that Seattle threw it 59.3 percent of the time ranked the Seahawks just 17th in the NFL last season in pass-run ratio.

But that was Seattle’s highest pass-to-run ratio since 2010, when the Seahawks threw it 61.20 percent of the time.

Starting in 2011 when Marshawn Lynch played his first full season with the Seahawks, Seattle never threw it more than 55 percent of the time, and in 2013 when the team won the Super Bowl, the Seahawks threw it just 47.29 percent of the time, the lowest percentage in the NFL. Seattle actually had thrown it just 45.76 percent of the time in 2012, also the lowest in the NFL, a year spent breaking Russell Wilson into things.

Those numbers began to creep up just a bit in 2014 (48.56, second-lowest in NFL) and then much more so in 2015 when Lynch played just seven games in his final season with the team (53.29, fourth-lowest. All numbers courtesy of

That the Seahawks are better equipped to throw it now…

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