Scuba Diving Regulations: Don’t Dive If You Have These Medical Conditions

Most people should have no trouble enjoying a scuba dive trip. Unfortunately, some people will not qualify due to a medical condition. When faced with a condition, one should not attempt to dive as it can result in serious injury or death. At a minimum, a diver who has a medical problem will have an uncomfortable and perhaps, terrifying, situation. Of course, at the worst, one can die or experience a serious injury if they are not physically fit to dive. Here are four types of people who are not suitable for scuba diving. 

Lung issues: When a person has a collapsed lung they will have difficulty in diving. This is true since a diver will experience plenty of pressure in his or her lungs one they enter the water. Some diver do not heed an instructor’s advice, and they enter the water with issues in their lungs. In most cases, one will not experience any serious trauma, but it is best to remain cautious before jumping in the water. With regards to asthma, most divers should take it easy, though some companies will allow one to get in the water with asthma. Remember, when in the water, a person with even minor lung issues will experience serious pain and discomfort. 

Ear issues: As most people realize, a diver faces immense pressure when he or she first enters the ocean. Now, most people can handle it and have no problem other than a slight discomfort. Unfortunately, when entering the water with serious ear problems, a diver can experience pain and possibly rupture his or her ear drum. Now, a person with a slight ear infection should have no problem jumping in the water and having an enjoyable time. However, when faced with equilibrium issues, one should consider a less intense activity. 

Disease or cancer: An individual can hop in the water if he or she has cancer. However, most instructors advise people undergoing treatment to stay out of the water. When a person is fighting a sickness, a diver will have a suppressed immune system. Ideally, a diver should…

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