Scott Dekraai case returns to the question of his execution – Orange County Register

Scott Dekraai, the admitted killer of eight people in and near a Seal Beach hair salon in 2011, should not be executed, Dekraai’s lawyer argued this morning.

The reason? Assistant Public Defender Scott Sanders says deception by sheriff deputies and local prosecutors in the Dekraai case has been so extreme that there is no way to trust there isn’t more evidence that could be favorable to Dekraai in the penalty phase of his trial.

“Removal of the death penalty is a reasonable response to outrageous conduct,” Sanders said as he began a final defense argument in the penalty phase.

Sanders’ co-counsel, Sara Ross, added: “The death penalty is only constitutional when (prosecutors) follow the rules,”

After nearly four years of hearings that centered on O.C. sheriff’s and prosecutors using jailhouse informants and withholding evidence in the Dekraai case — arguments that have raised questions about the integrity of the local justice system and sparked ongoing…

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