SCIEX Explores the Path of Biomarker Discovery and how Metabolomics Contributes to Known Disease Classifications of Prostate Cancer

Tim Garrett, PhD Associate Professor & Director, University of Florida

Metabolomics focuses on the chemical processes central to cellular metabolism. A robust mass spectrometry solution for screening metabolites is of increased interest allowing for a more integrated and routine analysis. A new QTOF System was developed for routine, robust workflows which require minimal MS expertise. The system integrates all data acquisition, processing and review in a single software.

A prostate cancer study was used to determine whether the untargeted metabolomics workflow using the X500R System could find key differences between the samples. In this study, which will be discussed in the webinar, samples from a pilot prostate cancer study were analyzed and a clear difference between healthy and disease urine samples was detected using this untargeted metabolomics approach, confirming the original disease classifications.

Participants of this webinar will learn about the untargeted metabolomics workflow using the new X500R QTOF system. They will also gain a better understanding of how the X500R QTOF system allows the distinction between healthy and diseased cells.

The team at SCIEX has arranged for Dr. Tim Garrett, an associate professor at the University of Florida, to be the speaker for this event.

Garrett earned his doctorate in analytical chemistry from the University of Florida. He currently serves as an associate professor and director of high-throughput metabolomics for the Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics. Garrett’s research is focused on the application and development of mass spectrometry techniques and instruments for clinical research and translation to clinical diagnostics. He has a specific interest in developing approaches to small molecule quantitation or characterization using mass spectrometry.

LabRoots will host the webinar October, 24, 2017, beginning at 7:00 a.m. PDT, 10 a.m. EDT. To learn more about this event, discover the continuing education credits offered, or to simply register for free, click here.


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