School Fundraising Volunteers- Great Places to Look for Help

Trying to plan and execute a school fundraiser alone is nearly impossible, so don’t even try. School fundraising works best as a collaborative effort. With a little looking you should be able to find plenty of willing volunteers to help with the little details and tasks that will come your way. It can be hard to know who to enlist for help, so here are some great places to start looking for volunteers for your next school fundraiser.


Fundraising can make a teacher’s difficult job much easier. Many teachers spend great amounts of time and money creating special experiences for their students. Fundraising can help to lessen the financial burden that teachers face and can allow them to plan wonderful learning experiences that would otherwise be impossible. For this reason many teachers are happy to help with fundraising.

The best way to get teachers on board is to find a cause that will help the teachers. For example they will be more willing to volunteer their time for a fundraiser toward teaching supplies and equipment than they will be for a fundraiser with no set purpose. Also remember that teachers are busy so don’t overwork them. Coordinate with them before or after school rather than having them come in at a special time for a meeting.


Parents are a great fundraising resource. The money you earn will directly benefit their children so they are often more than willing to help process orders and distribute products. Sending out a letter asking for volunteers is a great way to find interested parents. Parents can be busy so you might have to follow up a few times or ask them directly to volunteer. Remember that each parent has a different amount of available time, so don’t expect the same time commitment from everyone. Let parents help in any manner they can, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

School Volunteers

School volunteers are already helping the school by volunteering their time and are often willing to spend a little extra time helping with a fundraiser. Volunteers already spend a ton of time helping your school, so be careful not to overload them and consider lightening their other duties during this time.

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff at your school might also be willing to volunteer to make your next school fundraiser a success. Even if they don’t have time to help ask them to take a catalog home and to try and sell some cookie dough or holiday gift wrap. Every single item sold helps your…

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