School Fundraising- The Pros and Cons of a Candy Bar Fundraiser

Every type of school fundraiser has benefits and disadvantages. Understanding the good and bad of your selected fundraiser choice will help you to determine if a particular fundraising type is the best choice for your school. Knowing the disadvantages will also help you to overcome potential problems and to hold a more effective fundraiser. Let’s look at the pros and cons associated with a candy bar fundraiser so that you can determine if this fundraising choice is the best one for your school or organization.

Candy Bar Fundraiser Pros

There are many benefits to holding a candy bar fundraiser. This fundraising choice is great for schools and organizations looking to earn profits quickly. It is a popular fundraiser with sports teams and after school clubs and organizations. This fundraiser is great for high school and college age students.


Candy bar fundraisers are extremely profitable, especially for smaller groups. Often these fundraisers can earn profits of 50% or more, which is much more than your school can earn with other fundraising types.

Perfect for Smaller Groups

Many fundraisers require a large minimum order which can make it difficult for small groups to fundraise. Candy bar sales usually only require an order of one of two cases which is only a few hundred dollars of product. Candy bar sales are an ideal fundraising choice for organizations of any size.

Easy Sales

Candy bars are fairly inexpensive making it easy to find potential buyers. With a candy bar fundraiser most people can make a purchase using only their spare change. This means that you will have no trouble finding lots of potential buyers.

Popular with Students

Students love participating in candy bar fundraisers. They often find that candy is much easier to sell than catalog items. Students also enjoy being able to sell treats to their fellow students. This fundraising choice is always popular with students, especially when you let them participate in the candy bar selection process.

Candy Bar School Fundraiser Cons

There are many benefits to a candy bar fundraiser, but every fundraiser has a few downsides as well. Here are a few of the disadvantages to selling candy bars.

Initial Investment Required

Candy bar fundraising generally requires that a school purchase the candy up front and then resell it to others. This means that your school will have to spend money on candy before they can earn any money. This also means that if you don’t as much as expected you…

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