School for Blind Children: Equal Opportunities and Better Chances

Blind children are no different from other children. The physical inability shall not be taken as an excuse to judge their ability. We cannot afford to make such an ill-decision after all the development and progress made as a human race. We should not complicate things further, if we can’t resolve the situation. “Being born as a blind child is called disability, not curse”. The social system should encourage blind children to study in regular schools. Parents have a big role considering they’re the ones who would instill a sense of self-belief and self-confidence in them.


There was a time when special education school was considered a better option. They had faith and trust in the ability of certified teachers to provide proper care to students.


How school for blind children would make them stronger and independent?


Integrated education system is the right solution. It should be mentioned upfront that blind students deserve an equal and fair environment to showcase skills. The drawbacks of studying in a school for blind children are that these students would be restricted to a certain kind of environment. It becomes difficult for students to compete when the protective shield if taken off.


There is another issue which blind students often face, once the education gets completed. They would be asked to take things easy and make friends with people outside the circle. It is going to be a tough task considering they’ve been raised in a particular way. Integrated schools help them to accept things on a broader level. They would take one step at a time and make space for things to settle down easily.


Take blind education as a challenge and not a liability


Change does not happen, unless we give-up on old perspective. Regular schools have taken some effective measures to include blind students to the mainstream education system. These schools have come together to bring a positive change in the society. More and…

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