Scenic & Tranquil Diu-Your Ideal Island Gateway

For the visitors seeking solace from their hectic urban lives Diu offer the ideal island gateway with its scenic locales, rich history and culture along with interesting opportunities to shop. When you are here forget about the mundane realities of life even if only for some precious days and get involved in exploring the fantastic island life from a close range. Diu hotels are a part of the charm and offer warmth and hospitality along with modern amenities which one cannot do without.


Diu is the erstwhile Portuguese occupation along with its sister island Daman and together they are part of Indian Union Territories. Its position is near the Gujarat Saurashtra Coast. Other places close to it include Podome, Akarpati, Gogola, and Nawabandar, just to name a few.

Reaching here

The easiest way to reach Diu is via availing flights from Mumbai airport. There are daily flights available which you can choose. Dilwara is the nearest railway station from here, located just eight kilometres away. There are daily trains available from here to various places in Gujarat. Other means of transportation include auto-rickshaw, along with two-wheelers on rent.


The past of Diu islands is colourful and it has seen a number of rulers over the years starting from Chowda Rajputs, to Waghalas, and Mughals. However the longest rule was of the Portuguese who dominated the island for over 450 years. No wonder one finds evidence of their rule in the architecture of various structure that bear evidence of their long rule. Ultimately Indian military had to intervene in removing the foreigners in 1961.

Activities and sightseeing

There is so much to see and do on the island that the visitor never feels bored or monotonous here. Besides some spectacular beaches which are probably the best in India, one can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, Sea Shell and St. Thomas Museum, Gangeshwar, INS Khukri Memorial, Pani Kotha, and Diu Fort are some of the prominent places to visit on the…

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