Scaramucci Cancels Online Event To Focus ‘On Family’

Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communication director, canceled his plans of holding an online event that was scheduled to take place Friday. Scaramucci wrote on Twitter he canceled the event to “focus on family and work in private sector.”

While Scaramucci said in his tweet he would focus on his family, Twitter users quickly reacted to his tweet, asking him which family he was talking about.

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Twitter users also made fun of Scaramucci’s decision to focus on working in the private sector.

Some Twitter users however appreciated Scaramucci’s decision and wished him luck in future endeavors.

Some even thanked him for his “service to the country.”

Scaramucci began his career with Goldman Sachs in 1989 after graduating from law school. He worked with the company for 7 years. He started his own company Oscar Management Capital in 1996 before selling it in 2001. Then he founded SkyBridge Capital in 2005 which he sold in January 2017.

After being fired from the post of White House Communications Director after just 11 days, Scaramucci had said he would be interacting with the people of the United States on Friday through an online event. He said several online platforms would broadcast it, CNN reported. While Scaramucci asserted he wanted to use the platform to “tell his own story.”

Twitterati then followed up with its own hilarious remarks.

A Twitter user, “Mad Clastop” wrote, “Scaramucci’s entire 11-day White House career was an online event. Who needs to watch a rerun?” One user said his fame was over while several others anticipated the online event would be an entertainment package. 

“Friday is going to be another crazy news cycle I’m sure & this will be just a speed pump of light entertainment compared to everything else,” a user tweeting under the handle, “MackShelle,” wrote.

Scaramucci was fired by President Donald Trump from the post of White House communication director, after he verbally abused two senior white house officials in an interview.

Scaramucci’s family life also suffered because of his new role. A week after he joined office, Scaramucci’s wife Deidre Ball filed for divorce. Reports claimed she was not happy with Scaramucci joining the White House and his “naked political ambitions.”

His wife had maintained a low profile while Scaramucci ran an aggressive campaign to enter the White House. However, initially, she seemed to be supportive as both…

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