Scandit Survey Suggests Retailers Missing In-Store Sales Opportunities

Findings from a recent Scandit consumer survey of more than 1,500 respondents in the US, UK and Germany suggest brick-and-mortar retailers are missing valuable opportunities to digitally engage with customers and losing sales in the process.

Survey results show that almost three-quarters (74%) feel positive or very positive toward traditional physical retailers. However, the data also indicates that brick-and-mortar retailers are not taking full advantage of the shopping apps that enable real-time digital engagement and information that prompt customers to buy in the store.

The Survey, which sought to gauge consumer attitudes toward brick-and-mortar retailers and benchmark the proliferation of mobile shopping apps that offer barcode scanning in their current shopping experiences, uncovered several alarming facts pointing to retailers’ ineffectiveness in meeting their customers’ expectations.

58% of Survey respondents reported that after browsing items in store, they often or sometimes purchase them later with a mobile device. In addition, 41% of consumers said when an item is not available in the store they buy it from a competing online or brick-and-mortar retailer.

When respondents were asked what features they would or are planning to use in a mobile scanning app while shopping in store:

30% reported they would use it for self-checkout

26% would use an app to search for sale items

25% would use it to access customer reviews

24% of survey participants said they would access in-store coupons

The message from consumers is clear: brick-and-mortar retailers are falling short of delivering a seamless, digitally connected in-store experience that satisfies customers and converts engagement into sales.

These findings are supported by a recently published VDC Research white paper, Reengineer, Restructure, and Revamp Retail with Mobile Data Capture Technology, which reports “omnichannel enablement of the physical store is crucial to meeting customer expectations regarding instant gratification and a consistent shopping experience.” VDC Research highlights two key areas in which brick-and-mortar retailers lag behind online competitors: inventory visibility—in-store inventory accuracy averages around 65%—and digital shopping, with too few brick-and-mortar retailers offering popular…

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