Say “Yes” to Permanent Hair Reduction

With skin and hair clinics for permanent hair removal becoming all the more popular, it’s certainly time to say “hello” to a smoother and silkier you. Let’s take a quick look at smart and proven means of removing hair with modern techniques—without pinching your pocket.

Permanent Hair Removal

Devices connected with the emission of IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser rays are now finding their way into the clinics connected with hair and skin care and treatment. It’s time you stopped worrying about black hairy patches on your chin, back, shoulders, arms, legs and other parts of your body.

Laser treatment processes are now being used to alleviate the presence of unwanted hair and spider veins; along with removing tattoos and improving your skin tone. Permanent hair reduction techniques involve the use of a single wavelength of light or flashes of light containing a series of wavelengths (broadband light BBL or IPL).

These rays target the Melanin present within the hair follicles, heat the same and then damage the follicular growth—leading to permanent removal of hair and restriction of its active growth cycle. It’s important to note that these procedures provide positive results only on colored hair—leaving grey and white hair as it is.

Success Rate of New Hair removal Techniques

In most cases laser based hair reduction is irreversible and positive result oriented. However, it fails to work on darker skin and pale hair. So, patients with fairer complexion and darker hair stand to gain a lot more than others.

Along with the natural rate of hair growth, the success of permanent hair removal is also dependent on the number of sessions taken, the skill levels of experts linked with hair reduction clinics and the technique used.

Points to Remember

Most advertisements connected with laser hair removal on face claim that the effect of the procedure is completely permanent and provides 100 percent results. However, it is important to look into the finer print…

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