Savvy Money Saving When You Buy BT Broadband

Initially, BT will offer a three-month discount or exemption from paying for new customers coming into an eighteen-month contract, which is a good start as far as saving money is concerned. A minor (in terms of the deals themselves) but important (in terms of internet safety) perk is the free online security that BT provides as well, with basic security on the lower-priced deals and advanced security on high-end contracts. An effective way of saving money on your BT Broadband contract that the company suggests is to get it in a bundle with television – another of the services BT offers – which you can receive for a smaller extra cost than you would if you got the two services separately.

With one of the BT Broadband Deals, you are not restricted to only being able to use the computer at home – with the Wi-Fi minutes that are included with any deal; you can also take advantage of its services when you’re out and about on your iPhone, tablet or laptop. BT operate a network of wireless hotspots called the BT Openzone, with roughly three million dotted around the UK at hotels, airports and other public places. An extra 400,000 hotspots are located around the world – simply find the BT Openzone option on your device and enter your BT username and password to connect. Certain amounts of Wi-Fi minutes are included as part of all the BT Broadband Packages online.

Perhaps most importantly as far as families are concerned, BT also provides an online storage vault worth 5GB for all of its customers, in which photos, videos and other important or large files can be dropped without the user needing any technical experience or having to mess around with external hard drives. You can then access it from anything with an internet connection by using your password. This way, the files that matter to you are kept safe in your vault so, even if your computer is lost or corrupted, you will still be able to get to them. If you upgrade to 50GB of storage space, you can even back the files up yourself for peace of mind.

Finally, BT will not charge you a penny for connecting you if your house requires a new line, even though this would normally cost £130. This act underscores the company’s dedication to its customers’ satisfaction and confirms that the amount of money customers can save, combined with the quality of the features BT broadband provides, puts it in a very strong position compared to its rivals.

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