Save Energy and Money This Summer

Temperatures are hitting their peak and homeowners are trying to beat the heat this summer without raising their energy bills. The Lennox Home Energy Report Card survey, which asked people to grade their energy efficiency, found that even though most homeowners pass the test when it comes to energy conservation, they could still use a course in Energy Savings 101 if they want to stay cool and save money now that those first big summer bills are hitting mailboxes.

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Recently, Trent Davis, Lennox Energy Efficiency Expert, has teamed up with YourUpdateTV to provide tips on staying cool and saving money this summer and discuss topics such as:

  • Easy DIY home maintenance projects that can help homeowners save big on their utility bills
  • The biggest mistakes people make when it comes to saving energy and staying cool
  • How homeowners can put their home on autopilot

“Saving energy and reducing your electricity bills doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. In fact, a few simple actions — from installing a smart thermostat to keeping air filters clean and changing them regularly — can help homeowners increase comfort levels, control costs and conserve energy this summer,” said Davis.

While many people proactively take positive actions toward lowering energy bills, some do earn a failing grade for doing more harm than good. Twenty-four percent of homeowners said they have turned off their cooling system completely during hot days or heating systems on extremely cold days to help conserve energy. “While turning off your air conditioning system seems like a good idea in theory, it is actually is forcing the unit to work harder,” said Davis. “Doing so uses more energy and therefore costs the homeowners more in the end. Instead of turning your system on and off, we recommend lowering or raising the thermostat – or better yet, installing a smart thermostat, such as the Lennox iComfort E30, which will do it all for you while it’s saving you money.”

Some additional findings from the Lennox Home Energy Report Card:

  • While most homeowners (45%) said they earn a ‘B,’ in energy conservation at home, 29% feel they are just average when it comes to the academics of energy efficiency, and gave themselves a…

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