Savanna Greywind’s Boyfriend Sees Kidnapped Baby After Girlfriend’s Murder

Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind and her boyfriend, Ashton Matheny, signed a lease and were prepared to move in together with their daughter who was on the way.

That didn’t happen.

The baby was somehow born premature and allegedly kidnapped, and LaFontaine-Greywind’s body was found in a river in Minnesota. Authorities say she was killed. Matheny finally got to see the baby believed to be his (pending DNA testing) Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the Duluth News Tribune.

LaFontaine-Greywind, 22,  was eight months pregnant when she went missing Aug. 19 in Fargo, North Dakota. She texted her mother that she was going to her neighbor’s apartment and wasn’t seen in again until Monday when her body was discovered in Red River wrapped in plastic and duct tape, according to police. Her baby was not with her.

Police searched the neighbor’s apartment several times, and on the fourth time discovered a baby that the neighbors, William Hoehn, 32, and Brooke Crews, 38, said was LaFontaine-Greywind’s.

Matheny, 21, visited the baby girl for 90 minutes Tuesday and Wednesday. The child is being held in protective custody by Cass County Social Services until DNA testing can confirm that Matheny is the biological father.

“It was the best feeling I’ve ever had,” Matheny told the News Tribune. “I wish Savanna could have been there to enjoy it with me. After all these dark days, she lit my day right up.”

Matheny and LaFontaine-Greywind had chosen the name Haisley Jo for the baby. She was expected to be born Sept. 20.

“She’s my miracle baby. She was perfect coming in,” Matheny told the News Tribune.

LaFontaine-Greywind’s parents, Norberta and Joe Greywind, got to visit the child Wednesday.

The baby is healthy and without medical problems.

Police discovered the child Aug. 24 and the neighbors were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and providing false information. The police have not released information on how the baby was delivered or whether fetal abduction was involved. Fetal abduction is the forcible removal of the baby from the mother.

 “[This is a] cruel and vicious act of depravity,” said Fargo Police Chief David Todd, according to the Washington Post.

Matheny and LaFontaine-Greywind were both members of the Spirit Lake Tribe and met in high school in 2011. LaFontaine-Greywind lived in Fargo with her parents while Matheny lived in Minneapolis while working construction. He quit his job and had…

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