Saudi Arabia announced Tuesday that women will have the right to drive for the first time in the kingdom. Comments are edited for clarity and grammar:

Great! Drive safely. At the moment, the law allows head coverings, such as headscarves, to be worn by Muslim women when driving. That practice could obstruct women’s vision while driving and seems very unsafe.

— Jeannie Presler

This is a small step in the right direction. Next up, they should reconsider women having to always be covered up. It shouldn’t be tradition or culture. I believe it’s a form of human imprisonment. It’s inhumane and should be a crime against humanity.

— Troy Babineau

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Saudi Arabia is a terrible country with terrible values. It’s a modern Nazi Germany and the royal family is no better than a dictator. Anyone who works with these disgusting people should be jailed.

— Christopher Gerhard

Overall, we know that women’s rights as we know them now were not available in the U.S. just 40 years ago. Saudi Arabia is making a good progress toward rights for women.

— Abdullah M. Taha