Satellite Tracking – An Introduction

Satellite Tracking is any activity in which the position or flight progress of an object is monitored. Tracking is used for the visual Observation, active or passive radio communication and simply following the current location and ground track of the Satellite. In this there are two most activities are pass predication and real time Tracking. Both of these activities are usually involve computation by Satellite Tracking system.


The Satellite Tracking (ST) is very big system to use for checking the position of any location. The mean of it is system is the technology with the help of which the peripheral location of a vehicle can be determined. It gives you the location within the range of hundred meters. It can also be used to track the mobile SIM cards and the person who is using a particular card can be tracked down easily. It is help to us find the any location which one you want to find the location. It is also tracking the magnetic declination. These are will be in different types like real time, pass prediction. The mean of the Real-time is monitoring where the satellite is now and where it is going. Information you can get from real-time tracking includes satellite location (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude or position vector), satellite velocity (speed, heading, and flight path angle or velocity vector), azimuth and elevation pointing or look angles and the determination of Doppler shift on communication frequencies caused by relative motion between a satellite and an observer.


These all information are in the Real time tracking to find the eject position of the location. The most tracking software is providing the real time graphic plot of Satellite position. There are the some software helps to find the location with the help of the satellite. ST is done most commonly on a computer with ST software. The catalog on the AMSAT Web page has an excellent selection of ST software, each one designed to operate on one of the popular types of desktop or…

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