Saskatoon Fairview byelection: Candidates explain how they would balance provincial budget – Saskatoon

Voters will cast ballots in the Saskatoon Fairview byelection on Sept 7.  

There are five candidates — Taylor Bolin, Vicki Mowat, David Prokopchuk, Shah Rukh and Cameron Scott — officially in the running for a provincial seat in the constituency after MLA Jennifer Campeau quit in June.

To help prepare, CBC Saskatoon is publishing responses from the five candidates on a different issue every day this week.

From racism to carbon pricing, we’ll find out where the candidates stand on important issues facing Saskatchewan people.

Today, the candidates respond to a question about balancing the provincial budget. 

Balancing the budget

Question: Saskatchewan is facing a shortfall of more than a billion dollars this year. What are three specific examples of ways you would bring the budget back to balance?

Candidate responses

Shah Rukh, Saskatchewan Liberals:

‘We must encourage diverse manufacturing in our great province,’ says Liberal candidate Shah Rukh. (Saskatchewan Liberals)

This is an interesting question. We all know that Sask. Party mismanagement got us into this jam in the first place — you don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

As the owner of multiple businesses, and as a tax consultant, I can assure you that the thinking has to move away from politics and into a more compassionate reality. For example, the Sask. Party is trying to pull off this austerity budget in three years. At what cost?

As we know, those who are on fixed incomes, those who are vulnerable, those who need assistance the most have been cast aside and forgotten. To penalize, to forget, to think so little of the people working hard to survive in Saskatchewan shows just how heartless, inept and self-centred the Sask. Party is.

Secondly, we must encourage diverse manufacturing in our great province. We have much more to offer the world than oil and potash.

It’s thinking like this that will allow Saskatchewan to become strong again — and make up for the Sask. Party’s mismanagement of our boom years.

Third, we need to invest in education.

This is a long game, but the most profitable one yet. With an educated public, the opportunities for jobs in diverse industries become much broader, leading to more tax revenue — at a higher tax bracket.

This will help bring the deficit in line — not in three years, but in a much more significant way— that benefits all the people of Saskatchewan.

Cameron Scott, Saskatchewan Party:

‘It is…

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