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Carmel Crowchild said she still has not yet received a formal apology after her 11-year-old daughter was allegedly abused at a summer camp hosted by Carmichael Outreach around the end of August — but the organization denies an assault took place.

Crowchild’s daughter alleges she was dragged to a cabin by her ankles by two staffers and a volunteer at the camp, which left her with cuts and bruises after she refused to obey a command to go to bed on the night of Aug. 31. Crowchild later made a complaint to the RCMP.

“They should have called me [at] the first sign of trouble,” Crowchild said on Monday morning in Regina, where a gathering had been organized in support of the girl by local activist groups. 

The incident stems from a group of children including Crowchild’s daughter who, earlier that day, pranked other campers by wetting their beds with water. 

Crowchild said her daughter sustained cuts and bruises when she was dragged by three staffers at the camp. (Kirk Fraser/CBC)

The group was then taken aside by a staffer of the camp and admonished by one of the workers, causing the girl to storm off, Crowchild said. 

Carmichael Outreach is a non-profit organization based in Regina, which provides help to vulnerable people, such as housing supports or addictions services.

Each summer, the organization hosts Carmichael Kids’ Camp at Lumsden Beach, approximately 40 kilometres northwest of Regina. 

“I feel that my child needs to take ownership of her misbehaviours,” Crowchild said.

“The pranking incidence is what we had focused on in teaching her that that type of behaviour is wrong and not appropriate.”

‘Best interest’ of child in mind

Cora Gajari, executive director of Carmichael Outreach admits the situation could have been handled better, such as calling Crowchild and explaining the situation first. 

Despite not actually being at the camp at the time of the incident, Gajari denies any assault took place after having discussed the incident with the staffers who were involved.

“I don’t believe for one second that any of [the staff] would have acted out of maliciousness, frustration or certainly not harm,” Gajari said. 

“I think they did the best to try and control the situation, in the best interest of the child.” 

Gajari described the girl as “extremely upset, and emotional and volatile” at the time of the incident.

But she disputes the allegation and said the girl was “picked up,” not dragged.

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