Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC survival kit is absurdly fabulous

Actress, designer and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker, 52, needs little introduction. From her beloved role on “Sex and the City” to her SJP shoe line, she’s given us endless fashion inspiration (tutus for days!), along with an addiction to fanciful footwear.

We couldn’t help but wonder: What are the objects that elate Parker herself? The star of “Divorce” (confirmed to return for a second season on HBO), wife of Matthew Broderick and mother of three shares with Alexa the #inspo — from library cards to eco-friendly dresses — that keeps her heart full.

“One of our newest SJP styles. We call her ‘Anahita.’ A new silhouette in one of our favorite and most customer-loved fabrics called Scintillate. Named for <a href=””>someone we admire</a>.” (Hmm…)

“My favorite crossbody purse. It fits a book, a pair of flats, a Kindle, my wallet. And it’s made from the softest Italian leather. It suits so many people.”

“The 100 ml bottle stays at home. The 30 ml stays in my bag. The rollerball stays tucked in my wallet. Fragrance is just part of my routine, like brushing my teeth. I reapply all day.”

“A colleague of mine told me about this clothing brand. I love their sustainable mission and approach. I love discovering affordable dresses that mimic vintage silhouettes. So great for women of different shapes and sizes.”

“Watts is a wonderfully gifted American writer. This is her debut novel and our inaugural selection for the American Library Association’s Book Club Central. A terrific read.”

“Self explanatory.”

“Our family’s goal and mission is to not check luggage anymore. I discovered this amazing Tumi carry-on recently, and it’s the best I’ve ever used. It has four wheels so it rolls sideways, and it meets all of the FAA requirements. The quality is amazing and I’ve never had a carry-on that fits so much.”

“I discovered this brand via a sponsored post on Instagram. They have beautiful, affordable rings and necklaces that have lovely little stones. It’s so nice to support a smaller business. I was fortunate enough to wear some of them for the grand opening of the SJP Collection store at Bellagio in Las Vegas.”

“I love discovering vintage T-shirts and dresses at these two local vintage haunts. They are on my route to the grocery store. Even if I walk out the door with nothing, I love to see what they are…

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