San Clemente’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ is murderously magnificent

After crash-landing on a deserted island in the Atlantic Ocean, a group of school children struggle for survival amid their own fighting factions and the threat of an unknown beast lurking in the trees. With their unique departure from the story in the form of an all-female cast, authentic acting, and inspired technical choices, San Clemente deftly shows that savagery is not just a masculine trait with its heart-racing production of “Lord of the Flies.”

As Jackie, leader of a ruthless and murderous band of hunters, Abbi Gutierrez floods the stage with masculine energy, distinctly departing from her pristine and uniformed persona as a school prefect. Crouching like a panther and deftly tracking her prey through the trees, her increasingly aggressive and animalistic behaviors truly showcase the human tendency to descend into savagery if left to our own devices.

With her constantly wringing hands and noticeable stutter, Hayden Koerner as Piggy expertly differentiates herself from the swirling vortex of savagery that threatens to and ultimately consumes the rest of the castaways. Although mild-mannered, Koerner does a fantastic job of showing Piggy’s mounting frustration at being unable to address the group in meetings, going from slumped and whispering to screaming desperately at her unruly friends.

From left, Natalie Zanzonico, Jill Greene, Sophie Matossian, Avery Saylor, Carlie McCleary, Emma Dawson, Karina Repaire, Abbi Guttierez and Lainey Reyland appear in San Clemente High School’s production of “Lord of the Flies.” (Photo by Paola Soldan)

To showcase the descent into anarchy the characters experience, Cambria Douglas and her costuming team separate the cast into ensembles of increasingly tattered blue and red designs. Dressing the always moral Ralphie in shades of blue and white, while Jackie and her hunters are a sea of red, they clearly showcase the growing divide between the two groups with their fashion choices. Equally influential in demonstrating the dissension between Jackie and Ralphie is makeup designed by Ashely Seng and Sophie Wehr, as the pair cover the hunters in blood and tribal hunting designs while leaving the more civilized members of the cast less adorned. To enhance their already tattered appearances, the makeup department ensures that all of the castaways become increasingly sunburnt and earn new scars as their time on the island drags on, deftly showing the passage of time with their additions.

With their ferocious acting…

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