Saladworks Announces Corporate and Franchise Expansion in Atlanta

As more Americans opt for healthier lunch and dinner options, Saladworks, the customizable salad franchise with about 100 locations, is bringing its fresh, center-of-the-plate salad concept to the residents of Atlanta. The corporate team is planting its roots in the market alongside new franchisees Douglas Anthony and Ramjit Handa who are joining the brand as it begins developing Atlanta with plans to have five to seven locations open in the city in the next year.

“I was drawn to Saladworks because it’s so unique in that the customers have a large variety of choices and you can customize your salad based on specific preferences,” said Anthony. “Every time I ate there, I liked that I could create my own salad with the ingredients I wanted and that the employees mix my salad and handle the ingredients rather than a buffet style salad bar where everyone mixes their own entrée.”

Anthony has an extensive background as an executive in the financial and accounting sector where he handled global accounts and investments. He currently resides in New Jersey, but he is uprooting his life to move to Atlanta to focus on building Saladworks’ presence there.

“Atlanta is a bustling, high-growth area where there’s an enormous amount of construction and development happening. The city has a very diverse and young population that’s shifting more toward a health-conscious, active lifestyle – creating a demand for a concept like Saladworks” said Anthony.

Saladworks President and CEO Patrick Sugrue is no stranger to the city having earned his MBA from Emory University and accelerating his career at Atlanta-headquartered Coca-Cola. Sugrue has spent much of his career in the city and says the area is ripe for greater business development and a unique, health-focused concept like Saladworks.

“We are not only excited to have a business-savvy franchisee like Anthony to help drive the expansion into Atlanta, but we are coming in alongside him to support the brand’s area growth with additional corporate openings, helping to set this next expansion phase in motion as the brand looks to become a local favorite across the city,” said Sugrue. “Atlanta is a fast-paced city and we’ll be providing on-the-go consumers with an option that’s quick, but still healthy.”

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