Sage Helps Student Victims of California Fires with Donated Laptops

A view of the devastation in the wake of the October firestorm.

The GoodTogether program can convert a minor expense into a major gift.

Sage Sustainable Electronics and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc have come to the aid of students at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), who lost their homes and belongings to the Tubbs fire, which burned more than 36,800 acres. Charles Schwab & Co., Inc is donating HP laptops and Apple iPhones to students through Sage’s GoodTogether® program to help them get back in the classroom before another minute of the semester is lost.

The October firestorm destroyed 12,000 structures in Sonoma County. As it came in the middle of the night, students had only minutes to evacuate, leaving everything behind. More than 900 students, faculty and staff were left homeless.

Sage stepped in to help affected students stay in school. Through its GoodTogether program – which facilitates the donation of technology to organizations in need, and has had great success doing so in Ohio and Los Angeles – Sage approached several of its business clients to donate. Charles Schwab & Co, Inc was the first to answer the call, providing over 30 laptops immediately. The move expands on Schwab’s on-going support of communities nationwide through its retired tech.

Tracey McTague, a concerned Californian, spearheaded this project, reaching out to Sage for support. She says that this is a real opportunity for Bay Area businesses to give back. “Junior college students are important stakeholders in our economy. They may be just starting out, or may be updating their skills as part of a career transition. Many will go on to universities or to start their own businesses, and may support your business in the future with their own great ideas. It’s our responsibility as businesses who have thrived in Silicon Valley to step in and help our friends cross this gap in their education as smoothly and quickly as possible.”

Laptops are the basic tool every student needs to pursue their education in 2017. Besides coursework, students use their devices to search for jobs, stay informed on world events, get involved in their community, and communicate with friends and family. It’s no longer a luxury – it’s…

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