SafeNet Assured Technologies Launches New Tactical Cross Domain Solution

SafeNet Assured Technologies, LLC, a U.S. based provider of government high assurance data security solutions, today announced the release of the Multi-Domain eXchange (MDeX) System 1.4.2, a ruggedized cross domain solution for tactical environments. The MDeX System is manufactured, sold, and supported in the U.S. exclusively by SafeNet Assured Technologies.

In tactical environments, mission-critical information needs to be shared between people, organizations, locations, communities of interest, and security domains, while ensuring the exchange of correct and authorized data with authorized recipients. The MDeX System for Tactical Environments provides a reliable, secure, and configurable means of transferring information between security domains. It addresses mission critical problems, such as:

  • Cybersecurity Situational Awareness
  • Disaster Response
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Defense and Intelligence Coordination
  • Cloud Assurance

The MDeX System’s core appliance for tactical environments, MDeX Transfer System-Ruggedized (MTS-R), provides consistent Multi-Level Security services regardless of application protocols and data content filtering needs. It establishes a stable and verifiable framework in which mission managers can implement concurrent, yet controlled, information flows with various communities of interest and security domains.

The MTS-R is based on the MIL-SPEC 810 ruggedized Small Form Factor (SFF) platform that has been optimized to operate within a SWAP-constrained vehicle, aircraft platform configurations, and harsh environments. Through SFF, the MTS-R provides all MDeX System enterprise capabilities.

“Sharing mission critical information in forward deployed and often hazardous environments is essential to the success and safety of the warfighter”, says Kirk Spring, President, SafeNet Assured Technologies. “Mission leaders need to securely share voice, video, and data across multiple levels of security domains and Communities of Interest (COIs) regardless of the environment in which they are operating”, says Spring. “The MDeX System for Tactical Environments enables mission leaders to deploy a cross domain solution with the same level of security relied on at the base to the battlefield.”

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