Rules and Guidelines regarding Facebook Advertising

The Facebook’s philosophy about advertising through their social networking site is that “the ads should contribute to and be consistent with the overall user experience”. The most regarded practice in advertisement through Facebook for business is that how well they are personalized on the concept of how the individuals and their friends interact and get affiliated with the particular brands or businesses they care about.

Some guidelines in this effect have been put forth about advertising on Facebook, but are not considered as Facebook advertising rules or regulations for legal compliance. Individual advertisers are solely responsible for the content and approach of the ads to ensure that such ads are complaint with any applicable statutory laws and regulations. Also to be very specific about the content and images used in the ads, not to violate any copyright or trademark regulations.

The Facebook guidelines are as follows;

Data Usage and Privacy: This guideline demands that no data obtained from or in connection with Facebook ad may be received or used by an entity, which is not acting on behalf of a Facebook advertiser. Also that you may not use the advertising data for any purposes except for the performance assessment to find effectiveness of your ad campaigns on Facebook. You are not supposed to use the Facebook advertising data for any other purpose except to assess the performance and effectiveness of your Facebook sponsored ads campaigns.

Ad Creation and Positioning : The ad components including text, images, or graphics must be relevant and appropriate to the service being offered to the target group who are viewing the ad. Also the ads should not contain any audio or flash animation that is automatically played without user prompting. Ads also should not contain any content that exploits a political agenda or contain any hot button issues for commercial use.

Ad Content : The advertiser should ensure that the ad is compliant with all applicable…

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