RSS & More subscriptions equal more web traffic

Does your website have a subscribe button on it? I am sure it does. If it doesn’t you should have it by now. Does your website support RSS i.e. Real Simple Syndication? If it doesn’t then you are losing a large chunk of traffic. RSS and subscriptions open ways to millions of people to get to your website. Let’s put it this way, let people come to you and let yourself go to them. If you aren’t having web traffic then no worries. The traffic guide suggests you to go to the traffic yourself. The basic two things that you need to do are:

• Acquire and Get more traffic

• Let the traffic acquire YOU

Let it be a two way thing instead of restricting it to a one way thing. How can you make it a two way thing? Simply increase rss and subscriptions. It is one of the simplest ways of make the get-more-traffic process easier for you. RSS is simply the organized and summarized form of information of your website that your target segment is likely to be interested it. Through the RSS feature your customer will have a brief overview of the inside scoop of your website. It’s as simple as watching the news channel and hearing the headlines. Just by listening to the headlines you’ll know what inside the news and then you can listen to the part that you are interested in only.

Also keep a simple subscription option. Most of your customers are likely to be interested in subscribing to your website i.e. they are most likely to prefer receiving emails from your website. Although that might not be an organized form of information being presented but that’s what such a customer would prefer because such a customer probably wants information on everything on your website. Such customers can be classified as go by luck customers. They will only visit your website if by chance they like something in your subscription email.

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