RSS Feeds Are a Win Win

Internet users who use the web frequently and companies who want to increase their web traffic should pay close attention to this new an inventive technology called RSS. 


Most internet users have grown accustomed to keeping up and staying connected through the internet; usually using some form of bookmarking to help track of numerous sites.  Most internet users are used with bookmarking their favorite sites yet some uses have so many bookmarks they cannot possibly remember all of them or keep track of them.



Recent studies have shown that internet users are now spending about half their day just trying to keep up reading the news, emailing a friend, networking, and gaming as well as buying and ordering items.  Trying to keep up with the latest updates can become tiresome, but RSS Feeds have started to eliminate this. RSS Feeds are easier to organize and can make it easier and faster to view or visit favorite websites.


In the past, most internet users and companies used emails to resolve these issues but that was messy since emails are harder to organize and sort.  The perfect solution came in the form of the RSS Feeds.  Simply by subscribing to a websites feed, an RSS subscriber can receive lists of information about what is new from their favorite websites just by hovering over them or clicking on the feed.  An RSS Feed is great for keeping up with news, weather, stocks, and blog posts. 


In addition, RSS Feeds provide a platform for business to provide their consumers with up-to-date information and with one click a user is brought to their site, which in turn will result in more web traffic. This is extremely important for those businesses that are providing blogs, articles, and news since their content is changing more frequently than most other websites. 


RSS Feed is still a new frontier it is hard for businesses to see the bottom-line but recent studies show that RSS subscribers are more likely to visit a site which provides an RSS…

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