Roughriders’ Ed Gainey is a realist and a dreamer – Saskatchewan

Keeping track of all the new names on the Saskatchewan Roughriders roster hasn’t been so easy the past few seasons.

But this year, the team has a more stable lineup, they’re winning games and players like Ed Gainey are making themselves household names.

The 27-year-old from Winston-Salem, N.C., leads the CFL with six interceptions. 

For a closer look, Gainey talked to CBC Saskatchewan’s Peter Mills about how it feels to be in the spotlight, working thousands of kilometres away from his son and the potential to make some easy money by bringing Krispy Kreme to Saskatchewan.

When did you have the realization that you could be playing football professionally?

Every since I could remember. It was always my dream. My dad used to play and they said he had a shot to make it to the league [NFL]. He never did but I just took it upon myself that I would be the one. I’m not in the NFL yet, but I’m still playing professional and blessed to do so.

Not in the NFL yet? Is that something you’re still eyeing up?

Oh yeah, for sure. It’s always been my dream, so I just want to at least get that shot just so I can say I did it.

I mean, it’s just motivation. It just makes me more hungry every day. It’d be nice to make it to the NFL but if not, I’ll make my name here, continue to make my name here. I love Saskatchewan. I love the city. I love the culture around here and I wouldn’t mind being here for a few more years. 

Where is your family right now?

They’re back in North Carolina.

What’s that like to be so far away from them?

It’s tough, it’s tough. I miss my son every day. I get to talk to him on FaceTime for the most part. Sometimes I really don’t get to communicate that well with him, but it’s really tough. Hopefully we can get things worked out and get him up here with me next year…. It’s tough, man, to be honest.

Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive back Ed Gainey outleaps teammate Duron Carter to record his fourth interception during the second half on Aug. 13. (Mark Taylor/The Canadian Press)

What did it mean to have him here for that game where you had four interceptions?

It meant everything. I just wanted to give him my all, give him something to remember. It was a blessing, man, just to have him here. It was definitely extra motivation.

I just wanted to let him know when he gets old enough to comprehend that Dad left it all out there for him. Of course, I do it for myself but he came along … and now everything I do is really…

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