Romantic suspense and women’s fiction is not the same thing

Romantic suspense, as the name itself suggest, is a particular form of writing where there is a perfect blend of romance with mystery. In most of the romantic suspense book the main characters has to deal with climax full of mystery and suspense. As normal romantic stories are now a day’s getting monotonous and even boring so authors are now are in search of something to add them with romantic stories. For a romantic suspense author it is very important to hold the climax till the end and most of the time stories are unpredictable. In most of the romantic suspense novel the heroines are the innocent victim of any attempted crime. Then hero comes for her recue and within it loves touches them both ending up with a romantic relationship. This is the common theme of a romantic suspense book. Whereas women’s fictions and chick lit are different from those of romantic suspense. The main theme of those forms of writing is that they are more concentrated towards the women’s. The sole of the story are more dedicated towards the life of the females.


A Women’s fictions and a romantic suspense novel is not that all same. They are actually autonomous individually. Women fictions are not the direct dub category of the romantic suspense novels. Women’s fiction has broader aspects and they are mainly oriented and targeted towards female readers. This includes romantic suspense novels, romantic fictions and chick lit. But it shouldn’t be confused with women’s writing. Women’s writing is a type of writing written by women writers. While women’s writing is targeted to women readers. While, a romantic suspense book is more about romance, mystery, suspense and relationships. A romantic suspense author doesn’t emphasis his sole concentration for female readers.


Chick lit is form frictions that address the modern issues of women independence, in a timid manner. This type of writing often includes courtship, love and female identity. Explicit contents,…

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