Rival IQ Launches Discover, a Powerful Tool Enabling Marketers to Build Influencer and Brand Advocate Marketing Programs

“Discover’s proprietary Influencer Rating Score helps marketers identify influencers who organically align with their brand.” -Seth Bridges, head of product and co-founder at Rival IQ

Rival IQ, the leader in social marketing analytics and insights, today announced the launch of Discover, the latest addition to its popular solution for building a data-driven social media strategy. With this powerful tool, marketers can discover and engage with influencers and brand advocates to build rapport, trust, and credibility with their audiences.

According to Adweek, one of the main roadblocks to a successful influencer campaign is connecting with influencers. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed said identifying the right influencers was their most significant challenge. In 2017, 84% of marketing teams allocated resources toward influencer marketing strategies. With 71% of consumers stating that they’re more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference, that trend is expected to grow in 2018. Marketers need more tools like Rival IQ to easily discover and connect with influencers who genuinely align with their brands.

“Messaging from influencers is a significant part of modern-day word-of-mouth marketing,” said Seth Bridges, head of product and co-founder at Rival IQ. “Today, marketing teams are building influencer relationships with industry thought leaders, bloggers, and micro-influencers who appeal to their target audience. Discover is a powerful tool in Rival IQ that enables marketers to identify influencers who are talking about any given topic, sharing content using a particular hashtag, and who are specifically sharing your content.”

Using a proprietary Influencer Rating Score, the new Discover tool arms marketers with the ability to identify and evaluate influencers and brand advocates. Leveraging data about potential influencers, such as their followership, social post engagement rates, and the number of shares helps improve qualifying potential brand influencers and ambassadors that best align with your brand and audience. Marketers will be able to:

Identify and Evaluate Influencers – Discover and engage the right people who align with your brand based on the Rival IQ Influencer…

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