Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath gets candid about politics and why punk rock matters now – Orange County Register

Since bursting onto the punk rock scene in 2001 with its debut album, “The Unraveling,” Rise Against has never been shy about standing up for and sharing the causes its members are passionate about.  Along with bands like Bad Religion, Rage Against the Machine, Anti-Flag, NOFX and Pennywise, Rise Against has become a staple act that fans look to during tense political climates.

This past election year was no different. In response to all the contention, confusion and frustration, Rise Against dropped its first single, “Violence,” on  April 20, off of its eighth studio album, “Wolves,” which was released June 9.

“I feel like that song was a statement that needed to be made in post-election America,” rhythm guitarist and vocalist Tim McIlrath said of the single during a phone interview. “In this time that we’re seeing a rise of racist and sexist sentiments kind of gaining power and speed, I felt like Rise Against wanted to be one of the forces of nature that stems that tide. For a band that’s pretty much been away for a year and a half, it was a good opening statement for us.”

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