Riptide Software Releases Innovative “Digital Automated Security Training” (DAST) for Government Employees

DAST allows for Facility Security Officers (FSO’s) to easily deliver, automate, and track online training.

Riptide Software officially released an innovative eLearning courseware known as “Digital Automated Security Training” (DAST) for government employees. This courseware allows for Facility Security Officers (FSO’s) to easily deliver, automate, and track online training. The course content is continuously up-to-date and meets all of the Defense Security Service (DSS) guidelines for annual security training, insider threat training, new hire training, derivative classification training, and more.

Since 2012, Riptide personnel have used DAST to meet required DSS training and now the same learning platform is available to the security community. FSO’s can now say “goodbye” to traditional paper and PowerPoint techniques with spreadsheet reporting, as the courseware offers real-time training analytics for each employee. DAST includes assessments from a large and frequently updated question pool where different questions will be asked through each training attempt. The courseware is also completely compatible on any digital device, which allows for the training to be taken by employees virtually anywhere in the world.

Riptide is offering DAST to be used for free for the rest of 2017 (no payment information required). FSO’s can register themselves and their employees at no-cost through the following link:


Media Contact: Technology Resources and Riptide’s CEO are available for interview. Please contact Christy Puller, 321-296-7724.

Riptide Software is an award-winning, formally assessed CMMI Level 4 software company based in Central Florida. For nearly two decades, Riptide has delivered high-volume technology solutions to military and commercial customers at a low-cost through the development of innovative software architectures, and cloud-computing infrastructure. Riptide’s services include a wide array of products and services for various Department of Defense and commercial industries, including modeling and simulation, cloud computing and on-demand technologies, mobile and web development, enterprise application development,…

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