Right To Know Filing: Consequences of Filing Late

Failure to submit your Community Right-to-Know (RTK) filing — on time — could get you into hot water. Expensive hot water.

Within New York City, penalties look like this:

  • If it’s your first violation, you could be fined $250-$2500.
  • If it’s your second violation, you could be fined $1750-$5000.
  • Each subsequent violation could cost you $ $3750-$10,000.

If government officials have reason to believe you’re in violation of RTK regulations, they can inspect your premises without giving you any prior notice. If you refuse to let them inspect when they show up, you could face costly penalties for that, too.

Aside from possible fines, you could suffer other disturbing consequences for submitting your Community Right-to-Know filing late, or not at all, including:

  • It sends up a red flag to others, including employees or customers, who could wonder if you’re even in compliance. If people are worried about the safety of your workplace, it could seriously damage your internal and public image.  
  • Anyone can bring legal action against you for failure to submit your Right-to-Know filing. Anyone.
  • You could put yourself on the City’s radar for more stringent monitoring including inspections or other distractions that could take you away from productive work.

Why aren’t you filing?

  • Not in compliance to begin with?
  • New to your position and don’t know what to do?
  • Procrastination?
  • Short-handed or overloaded with “real” work just now?
  • Missing essential information?

The potential consequences of filing late or failing to file simply are not worth the risk.

Why take a chance? You can get help from a professional consultant to complete your filing and help ensure you’re fully in compliance moving forward.

In fact, if your filing contains misstatements or misrepresentations you could be fined up to $1000, a year in jail, or both — one more reason to get professional help to ensure your filing, even if it’s late, is accurate and complete.

You could also hire a professional…

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