Rigaku Introduces On-Demand Chinese Language Video Demonstrating Newest Multipurpose X-ray Diffractometer

Rigaku SmartLab SE multipurpose X-ray diffraction system

Rigaku Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new Chinese language informational product video highlighting the features and capabilities of the new Rigaku SmartLab SE X-ray diffraction system. The SmartLab® SE system is a highly versatile multipurpose X-ray diffractometer with built-in intelligent guidance to optimize hardware configuration and settings for specific application measurements.

The informational video presents an overview, in Chinese, of the system’s unique features, including innovative snap-on optics and sample stages, optics recognition and automatic optical alignment. The SmartLab SE system capabilities include powder diffraction, thin film diffraction, Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), pole figure, residual stress and non-ambient experiments. A variety of optics and attachments are available to accommodate users’ varied measurement purposes and sample shapes.

The system’s guidance software recognizes installed components and integrates them into data collection and data analysis methods. The video explains the system’s cross-beam optics module with fully automated alignments which enable simple and quick switching of geometries without requiring a change of optics.

The video also reviews the SmartLab SE system’s two available state-of-the art detectors: the D/teX Ultra 250 high-speed 1 D silicon strip X-ray detector and the HyPix-400 2 D semiconductor hybrid pixel array detector. The HyPix-400 functions not only in 2 D mode, but also in 0 /1 D mode, broadening the range of available applications

The video is among a collection of product videos available on both the Rigaku company website and Rigaku YouTube channel.

About Rigaku

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