Rhode Island Quality Institute and Integra Community Care Network Launch Care Management Alerts and Dashboards to Help Prevent Patients From ‘Falling Through the Cracks’

For a practicing primary care physician, there is nothing more important than knowing where your patient is at any point in time and what problem needs to be addressed.

The Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI) and Integra Community Care Network today announced the launch of Care Management Alerts and Dashboards, an innovative new service enabling healthcare providers to proactively coordinate care and support for 140,000 patients throughout Rhode Island.

RIQI’s Care Management Alerts and Dashboards provide near real-time data about patients admitted to and/or discharged from acute care hospitals and their emergency departments across the state. Through the Integra Care Management Dashboards, clinical staff at Care New England, Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation (RIPCPC), South County Health, and care management staff at Integra now have quick and easy access to important data to improve care coordination, time-sensitive follow-up, education, and support for their patients.

“These services help providers stay connected with others delivering care to their patients in a timely way that prevents patients from falling through the cracks when seen in different care settings in the state,” said Laura Adams, President & CEO, RIQI. “With this information delivered directly to them, Integra’s care teams have the ability to prevent avoidable hospital and emergency department readmissions that often results when care is poorly coordinated.”

Each time an Integra patient is admitted to/or discharged from a participating hospital, skilled nursing facility or emergency department, Integra’s care teams receive information alerting them about their patient’s status. In addition, care teams can view more detailed information about current…

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