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Though he doesn’t sound like himself or stay in the shadows as much, Sam Fisher is as good as he’s ever been in his latest globetrotting expedition. In “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist,” the renown spy is up to his old saving-the-world bag of tricks, but that doesn’t mean Fisher is confined to his familiar role as silent operative. The developers have opened up the gameplay, giving more opportunities to attack missions with a guns-blazing approach. But the true Fisher experience is still there if the slow-and-steady style is more your speed. Couple that with the addition of co-op missions and the return of Spies vs. Mecs, and “Splinter Cell Blacklist” is easily a worthy entry in this critically acclaimed series.

Fisher’s latest adversary is a terrorist cell dubbed The Engineers, who have orchestrated a series of escalating attacks — known at The Blacklist — on U.S. interests. With the newly formed 4th Echelon unit aiding his missions, Fisher is tasked with foiling the terrorists’ unseemly goals. The 4th Echelon is comprised of Charlie Cole (tech specialist), Issac Briggs (CIA operative) and Anna Grimsdottir (tech operations manager) and is housed in the Paladin, a repurposed stealth airliner decked out with cutting-edge technology and unlimited resources.

Before taking on each mission, you have a number of customization options at your disposal. Fisher can purchase a wide array of weapons and upgrades to his outfit. Pistols, machine guns, grenades and special weapons are at your disposal. You can augment each with silencers, scopes, specific bullets and other attachments. Making improvements to your suit (torso, pants, gloves, boots and even Fisher’s signature sonar goggles) will allow you to enhance a number of aspects of Fisher, including his aim, reload times and sound he makes while moving.

This customization gives you the ability to tailor Fisher, who is no longer voiced by series mainstay Michael Ironside, to your play style….

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