Review of Growing Cucumber with LED Grow Light

Before I heard of led grow lights, any vegetables I have planted indoors were failed to grow well. I don’t want to plant vegetables in the blazing sun because my sensitive skin will be itchy after exposuring. So I would like to choose indoor gardening. However, they will be lack of enough lights for growing period. I used to use halide lights made of metal. The operating principle is when electricity is put through an arc tube where there are several gases, including some dangerous ones, like mercury, then the light is produced. There is no doubt that in this way, not all gases can be stimulated, thus it is not that efficient. Also, I need to add a fan to cool down the temperature of the environment. However, it is not the same case with LED lights.

Instead of using friction, an LED produces light through the movement of electrons under the impetus of voltage. It is a process by which the electric energy is turned into light energy. In this way, we have no extra heat and no radiation, which does well to plant growth.

Cucumber is my favorite vegetable. And cucumber is keen on light and shade, seedling time illumination is insufficient. So it is obvious that cucumber belongs to short day crop, but the need for light intensity comparison. In the daytime, the light intensity is relatively weak conditions, and can make the appropriate light, thereby improving photosynthesis yield. But bear in mind that not to let the cucumber light too long, which does not affect the results of crop seedling. The cucumber seed is a female. I’ve modified a disused kitchen cabinet and have installed the Helios LED grow light, air pump, temperature/humidity gauge, digital timer and an oscillating fan in the enclosure. Temperature is around 28°C (82.4° F), I would have ideally liked this to be lower but that would involve cutting out a hole for an extraction fan.

Why LED grow lights stand out for indoor gardening. Firstly, LED lights are quite energy-saving. Using those means there…

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