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(CBS News) Few series have had as much success as the NBA 2K franchise has enjoyed this console generation. It has been lauded as one of the most faithful recreations, nailing the little things like few sports franchises have done. With this console generation giving way to the next, 2K sports looks to further cement its reputation as the go-to NBA simulation. Its latest entry in the series – NBA 2k14 – adds a new mode, brings back a heavily requested one and further enhances the gameplay that has become its bread and butter. But with the developers preparing a next-gen version of 2K14, is the current-gen release a worthy upgrade?

2K Sports landed LeBron James as its cover athlete for 2K14, and the developers leveraged LeBron James’ involvement. With James about to become a free agent again this summer if he chooses to opt out of his current deal, 2K Sports thought it would be a great time for you to choose where The King’s next destination should be. But you don’t have total freedom in this mode. You can select to stay with the Heat or select a “Fantastic Journey,” which has LeBron bolting the Heat but you can’t decide where he goes next. In my experience, LeBron chose to go with the Knicks, but I’ve seen other scenarios where he’s chosen to return to the Cavs.

In Path to Greatness, you step in LeBron’s shoes and play key games during this season with the Heat. During these games, there goals to attain or obstacles to overcome. For example, one game both of the Heat’s point guards are injured, tasking LeBron to play point guard. You are graded after each matchup, providing some replay value for those who want to ace each contest. But the scoring system isn’t very clear. When I was asked to play point with LeBron, I finished with 30 points 30 assists (tying an NBA record) and 12 rebounds, but was awarded only two out of three stars. It’s fun to be in the driver’s seat of LeBron’s career and provides a bit of a story to follow in a genre…

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