Revenge on an Ex Boyfriend

Revenge on an Ex Boyfriend

Love is beautiful; while it lasts. However once a relationship runs its course things start going down hill. Things between ex lovers get dirty and murky and this whole thing ends up upsetting each other and you end up wishing you never had met your ex in the first place. This happens especially if one person cheats resulting in a bad breakup. More often than not you want to end that chapter of your life and not want to see the person again; however there are times when we think it would serve the person well if you could teach them a lesson. Here are a few tips on how you can seek revenge on ex boyfriend

The best revenge is for you to becoming happier than ever before in your life. When he sees you all smiles he is bound to feel grumpy. Live your life to the fullest. Do not show any kind of feelings for him anymore. Ignore his existence in your life and act like his absence doesn’t make any difference to you. If you want to get really nasty, call his office and say you want to leave a message for him. Say you are someone whom he spent the last night with but left without paying you. Start flirting with his close friends. That will definitely tick him off and he is bound to be mad about it. Also you can tell his friends how lousy he was in bed and you are having much more fun in that department now that you are not with him.

If you see him or come across him socially just totally ignore him like he doesn’t exist for you. Remember to act super cool with the rest of the people around just give him a cold shoulder. Should he approach you to make a conversation just walk right away.

If you have his email username and password and if he is dumb enough not to change it yet, make good use of it. Send a nasty email from his username to all his contacts which would be insulting for all of them. Do not ever accept the blame for that incident at any cost.

If you have access to his Facebook or any other social mediapost some rude comments…

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