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Dubber the Boba Fett helmet, British special forces may soon be kitted out with the state-of-the-art headgear which can stop a direct bullet to the face. 

Influenced by Star Wars, the headgear is named after one of the character’s in the space films, Boba Fett, as it bears resemblance to his iconic outfit. 

Despite its catchy name, the design is loosely based on a Japanese blueprint from 12 years ago intended for paintballers, and is already in use by US special forces. 

It is thought to be undergoing trials with the British Special Air Service (SAS) and the Special Boat Service (SBS). 

With a £1,020 price tag per helmet, the gear comes with optical attachments including infrared and heat-seeking technology, allowing the user to identify their comrades in darkness – helping to reduce friendly fire incidents. 

The 2.2kg Devtac Ronin Kevlar level III tactical ballistic helmet – made from the same soft bullet proof material specialist clothes is made out of, can repel fire, shrapnel and a shot from a .44 handgun. 

Operational information including maps, GPS co-ordinates which can be displayed on the eye-piece all feature in the pricey helmet, which the makers say is ideal for high-risk operations such as clearing out buildings room-by-room. 

But, should they be used for lower-risk ops, both check guards can be removed for more flexibility. 

Providing “performance and intimidation”, the helmets have gone down a storm in the international arms markets with multiple countries reportedly ordering bathes for their own elite forces. 

And praising their key safety features, one US veteran wrote: “Too many of our gunner caught shrapnel to the face and neck from IEDs in Afghanistan. 

“Something like this would have made a huge difference.” 

Helmets are routinely used in the armed forces, but typically cover the top and back of the head. 

And studies have shown that while the head and neck make up 12 per cent of total body mass, in Iraq and Afghanistan injuries to that area accounted for 25 to 40 per cent of wounds.

 A UK military source told the Daily Mirror: “For years the defence industry has been trying to find a way of protecting the head and this is the next development. 

“The helmet is already being used by special forces, is much more versatile than just stopping bullets.

“It is fitted with the latest communications technology and will help the soldier see the enemy no matter what the circumstances.”

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