Returned Mormon missionary finds success selling country-themed ties he designed

Ray Boone, Deseret News

Noel Lopez at work at Boostability in Lindon, Thursday, June 13, 2017, helps small businesses market themselves online.

PROVO — For most people, holding down a job and going to school is more than enough. But for Utah Valley University student Noel Lopez, leaving the office is just the beginning of his day.

Lopez, 23, works at a company called Boostability in Lindon, which helps small businesses find ways to market themselves online. His dual monitors are filled with graphs and charts for the businesses he works with, showing how well their posts are doing on sites like Facebook and Twitter. For him, it’s more than just a job — it’s an opportunity to learn.

After Lopez leaves his day job, he goes to his Provo apartment to go run his own company. His office is barely large enough for him to lie down on the floor. Nevertheless, it’s the global headquarters of his own business; a business born from his LDS mission in Uruguay.

“When I got back, I realized everyone that I had been there with had bought a tie there,” he said. “Everyone had the same tie, and it just had the little soccer team icon on the center of the tie.”

While most would simply find a way to purchase the same tie, Lopez’s mind saw an opportunity. Instead of buying a tie, he’d design his own — and thus began The Town+Co, a business centered around tapping into a market made up of people just like him.

Lopez, a digital marketing major at Utah Valley University, knew it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to limit himself to just one design, which is why he’s currently selling ties representing 22 different countries.

“Brazil is a very popular one,” Lopez said while pointing to a green tie with a small image of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. “We’ve sold hundreds of Argentina ties. Peru, everyone really likes the little llama icon that we have on there.”

The business started small but later expanded thanks to an investment from one of his uncles. Lopez designs the ties…

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