Retail Merchandiser Article Emphasizes Omnichannel Integration from Second Look Financing Partners

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This seamless integration is vital for customers at the point of sale; regardless of whether it is in-store, or on-the-go. -Charlie Malouf, Broad River Retail (DBA Ashley Furniture HomeStore)

In a feature article published by Retail Merchandiser Magazine, Fortiva Retail Credit’s Joseph Ferguson advised retailers and e-tailers — especially enterprise-level and “Big Box” chains — to insist their second look provider seamlessly integrate into all point-of-sale systems, and lean forward to support a customer-facing omnichannel experience. Ferguson also included insights based on first-hand experience from Charlie Malouf, President and CEO of Broad River Retail – a licensee of 16 Ashley Furniture HomeStore locations who has tapped Fortiva Retail Credit as their preferred second look financing provider.

“While the well-known store credit card programs are natural fits for retailers’ online and physical points of sale systems, it is crucial that retailers demand the same from second look financing providers in order to protect their continued investment in omnichannel excellence,” advised Ferguson. “With an eye on ensuring a great customer experience, retailers must ensure all financing providers offer a seamless integration into their sales systems, as well as the various financing options their customers need.”

In light of this framework and paradigm, Fortiva Retail Credit, which is the nation’s leading second look program, advises retailers to look for and insist upon four types of integration when evaluating second look financing providers:

  • Online Integration: the financing provider must have the proven capacity to work flawlessly with various digital touch points, including PC portals, mobile devices and online shopping carts. This is particularly important to serve the growing number of customers who wish to shop privately and on-the-go.
  • POS Integration: the financing provider must demonstrate the ability to adapt their processes and workflows to support different in-store systems. In other words, the financing provider must adjust and align with the retailer’s infrastructure — not the other way around.
  • Strategic Partnership…

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