Rest More and you Will Get to Do More

If you are driven to succeed, I am sure that you work as hard as you can every day, trying to give 100 % to everything you do. The question I have about this philosophy, where you give 100 % every day and work until you can’t anymore, is that, without time to recover, our bodies gradually break down. Those of you that go to gym will know exactly what I am talking about. If you push yourself every day, working to your max, never taking a day off to rest and recover. You begin to see a gradual decline in your performance. You seem to be weaker every day, unable to sustain your peak performance. How is that possible, you give your max every day, working as hard as you can and yet you just seem to go backwards? The simple answer to this very complex question is that our bodies cannot operate at max for prolonged periods, without sufficient time to rest and recover.

The same is true about the way we work every day. You cannot sustain an effort where you work at your max every minute of every day, never allowing yourself time to recover and rejuvenate. Unless you give yourself permission to slow down for short periods of rest during the day and you take at least one day off a week, your performance and productivity will gradually decline. The other workaholics out there will be frowning at this and will be saying things like “Rest should be a necessity and never an objective“.

I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that, since I have started to follow the advice of my success coach and I rest for short periods during the day and I force myself to take a minimum of one day off a week. I have not only seen a massive improvement in my productivity, but I feel far more rested too, which means my brain is better able to innovate and come with new creative ideas and concepts. There is of course one further benefit, which shows up too, when you plan rest into your week. I get to spend far more time with my wife and family and do more of the things I want to do too. The…

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