Responsibilities and 4 Traits of a Highly Successful Lifeguard!

Although lifeguards conduct many functions in many regions, a lifeguard’s fundamental responsibility is:

The health and safety and well-being of all visitors in the guarded area, in both land and sea, through sleepless and right response.

At the lowest, a lifeguard is competent in first aid skills, rescue swimming, and public relations. At the premier level, a lifeguard is an experienced EMT who handles a vast assortment of skills in many situations that may not even involve lifeguarding in the conventional sense. These skills can include education in Code 3 Emergency Driving Techniques, Personal Water Craft Rescue, law enforcement, ATV operations and many other advanced skills.

The level of skills and experience that you will need in order to be hired depends absolutely on the lifeguard role required and the lifeguarding surroundings you wish to enter. For example, someone who is curious in becoming a deckhand or operator on a high-speed rescue boat in Huntington Beach will need different experience than someone who is intrigued in a lifeguarding job at a local pool.

In addition to these features , its really encouraged that you learn these these skills skills.

Although all lifeguarding  careers require different skill sets, there are four main skills that all lifeguards must develop :

1) Physical Fitness

Physical training is a critical point of an successful and effective lifeguard. Although by no means do you have to be an Olympic Swimmer, you must be able to swim at a moderate speed for prolonged intervals of time. Along with good swimming capabilities, you must be extremely relaxed in the water and be able to tread water for prolonged periods of time. You must also have enough muscle to save, tow, and assistance victims for brief to moderate periods.

2) Concentration and Discipline in a distracting and Fatiguing Setting.

We’ve all viewed it; the beach that is loaded with 1000s of people doing all sorts of ‘interesting’ activities, all wearing…

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