Respite for you, quality care for them

Studies show that parents and caregivers of loved ones with special needs are at far greater risk of depression, health problems and exhaustion. Many parents dealing with children or adults with special needs, have spent years providing round the clock care to them. It is vital that these caregivers are given time to themselves to relax, catch up on sleep, go to their own appointments and take care of things around the house.

Parents and caregivers of individuals who have autism and/or epilepsy have deep concerns about leaving their loved one, even for a much needed break. They feel that it would be a burden and a challenge to anyone willing to take care of their loved one, on top of worrying about them receiving proper medical care. In addition to this, the behaviours of individuals with autism can be easily misunderstood, leaving additional worry on the caregiver about how those behaviours will be handled.

Respite care homes for individuals with autism and epilepsy understand all of these concerns, and have a professional staff that will love and care for these special individuals, while providing for all of their needs. For example, Epilepsy Care homes will be familiar with epilepsy medications, epilepsy triggers to avoid, and special Epilepsy diets. Autism Care Homes will be familiar with typical and atypical autism behaviours, autism therapies, medications, and Autism diets. These homes are equipped to take over getting school aged children to and from their classroom, as well as any appointments they may have already had planned. This keeps the routine of the Special Needs individual going, and offers a comfortable environment for them.

Epilepsy Care Homes and Autism Care Homes are equipped with medical staff to ensure that if there is an episode that needs medical attention, it is readily available. The peace of mind given to the parent of a Special Needs child will ensure that the parent has a clear head and is able to relax during the respite care. In…

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