Residents report increased noise from new airline flight paths – Orange County Register

After buying his Huntington Beach home in the 1970s, Mario Tabernig went along with hearing the occasional descending jet in the distance after Long Beach Airport transformed into a commercial hub.

But Tabernig’s patience ended earlier this year when the Federal Aviation Administration tweaked flight paths at 21 airports from Santa Barbara to the Mexico border.

“The windows shake,” Tabernig says of the new routes over his home. “You can’t do a business by victimizing the community.”

Tabernig says the FAA, airport and airline officials ignore his emails and letters. But it may not be because the officials are rude. It may be because they can’t deal with the deluge.

Online petitions as well as standing room only turnouts at numerous community meetings reveal that thousands of people are like Tabernig. Residents report they can’t hear their televisions, can’t speak on the telephone and that sleeping is a nightmare.

Cities as disparate as Culver City and Laguna Beach have filed lawsuits against the FAA, declaring that environmental studies and resident input for the new flight paths were inadequate.

A host of other cities, including Long Beach and Costa Mesa, have been so inundated with complaints that they recently put up websites detailing how residents can communicate directly with FAA and airport officials.

“Unfortunately, the city does not have jurisdiction over flight patterns,” states the City of Huntington Beach. “These…

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