Research has already proved it

I picked up the headphone and started listening to an old song. When the song started an image opened up in my mind and for one moment it felt I was in an old memory of mine and was feeling the same sensation.

This not only happened to me, but it happened to a lot of people. And it happens many times in people’s life. It’s not just the songs but sometimes when we are passing through a street there are some tunes like the bells or the chirping of some birds can bring us back to some old memories. These memories come to our imagination when we listen to sounds and smell something are by an unordered psychological pattern. As these memories are residing in our brain, it’s just like when you install a new file in your computer the file automatically is chosen by the computer to open it with which software.

When we listen – smell, we imagine…

Smell can make us sneeze, it can make us feel awkward and even vomit. But that’s not just the skills of a good smell. A good smell can make us feel the old fantasies that have passed in our life and can trigger those violent visions that we have passed through.

Not just humans…

Research has already proved it, and it’s not just the humans they have conducted the research on but also animals. A good example is of some animals getting scared when lightning strikes… it’s genetic and from fear that is stored in their brains.

But for animals we cannot assume the possibilities accurately, but for humans we can do. Human beings are more responsive and the biggest thing is that we can understand each other, there are no barriers involved.

It’s good for some, bad for others

Coming back to the memories, some people have bad memories attached with them for different sounds they listen while some have good memories attached with them for the sounds they hear.


With the above explanation we can conclude that sounds and smells can trigger different memories in human beings. Even animals instincts are triggered…

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