Research by The Beryl Institute Reveals Actions and Reinforces Impact of a Focus on Patient Experience in Healthcare

As we examine the State of Patient Experience 2017, it is undeniable that the impact of a focus on and commitment to patient experience is more significant than ever and now offers a clear path to driving the outcomes we all strive for in healthcare.

The Beryl Institute announces the release of the full research report from its latest benchmarking study, The State of Patient Experience 2017: A Return to Purpose. The largest research of its kind, the study engaged almost 1,700 respondents from 26 countries representing six continents sharing the challenges and opportunities they are facing and the steps they are taking to address the patient experience.

Since the launch of its first biennial benchmarking study in 2011, the Institute continues to explore the emerging conversation on the patient experience, examining what organizations are doing to drive patient experience excellence across all healthcare settings from physician practice to hospitals to long-term care.

The study provides insights into trends in structure and practice, leadership and measurement and offers core considerations for organizations looking to lead in experience excellence. According to the research:

  • Experience efforts are expanding and are now an integral part of the fabric of our healthcare efforts.
  • Patient experience remains a top priority with a focus on employee engagement now seen as a central driver in experience efforts.
  • Leadership and culture are now the significant motivators versus the historic focus on mandates and requirements, and there is a recognition of the impact that patient/family voice and caregiver engagement has on the work of healthcare.
  • Patient experience itself continues to establish presence with the role of patient experience leaders, experience team size and the use of a formal definition on the rise.
  • Patient experience is now being recognized as an integrated effort touching on much of what we do in healthcare and one that drives clear and measurable outcomes.

“As we examine the State of Patient Experience 2017, we see trends that have dictated and supported a rapidly growing and fast expanding movement. The results underline an intentional effort to move beyond what many deemed would be a healthcare fad to…

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